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Happy Chinese New Year!

January was a stressful month for AMBS students because it was examination month.

I have to say the examination in postgraduate is really different from the undergraduate. In undergraduate, the exam would focus more on calculation and applying formulas to the question, then get an answer. However, in postgraduate, the exam would focus more on discussion and critical thinking. To prepare for an exam, I have read broadly to get comprehensive academic opinions and look for different evidence to back up my discussion. Although it’s a stressful experience, the questions in the exam are very meaningful in that they make you think differently and broaden your horizons. And the exams have linked everything you’ve learned in the first semester. I have to admit that I even felt a little bit of excitement in answering the exam.

After exams, it’s Chinese New Year! Our university is very sweet and warm that our second semester begins after the Chinese New Year. To everyone who has read this blog, Happy New Year to you! It’s very different to celebrate this festival than in China. In here, it’s more like a cultural mix which I kind of like. I’ve got warm greetings from our university and our community has held a lot of activities to celebrate it. On that day, I have cooked myself a big dinner, video chatted with my friends and families in China, laughing like a fool. I couldn’t be happier. And I even got greetings from strangers. The UK is a warm country with warm people, I love this country!

Talking about food, I have to say I really enjoy my life in Manchester. I have attached a few photos below, please have a look. I love an English breakfast and brunch! The bacon is very crispy and the French toast is soft and sweet. Sometimes I think I am Chinese with a British stomach. And dim sum in Chinatown brings me home in one second! The tart is so delicious and fair priced, and I highly recommend you should try it. I am a foodie, exploring all kinds of foods. I even started my own social media account to record and share those memories. Manchester has great food from countries all over the world, you won’t be disappointed.

I couldn’t believe how the time went so fast. The first semester ends with all beautiful experiences and memories. Now I get used to the study and life here. My course MSc Accounting is more theory-focused in that we discuss the development of theories and theoretical research, and we don’t have too many calculations. Instead, this course requires a high level of reading. So if you are interested in theoretical research, this course is a good choice.

food from Chinese New Year

Food from Chinese New Year