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Global MBA spotlight: Feyisola Adebola

Feyisola Adebola, is a current student on our Global Part-time MBA. He explains why he chose to study the MBA and how the MBA is helping his career so far.

What motivated you to do the Global MBA?

My primary motivation to study the Global MBA was the flexibility it offered around family and work life. It was also the right fit for further education and to establish a stronger foundation for my business ventures. I felt Manchester offered the best programme when I compared it to other business schools and having spoken to a few alumni, I knew that the Manchester Global MBA was the right fit for me.

How has the MBA helped you with your own business?
The MBA has been pivotal in helping me to be more strategic in leading and managing my business. We have been able to be more focused on innovating to new market segments and providing additional services and products to our existing customers. There is also the added benefit of having access to key resources and case studies to enhance business development practices. 
The rapid implementation of these changes and developments determines how much more profitable the business is. We have also adjusted our marketing strategy to include everyone in the company being responsible, instead of a department. This we learnt in Operationalising and Communicating Value (OCV) and it has given us an increased sale awareness. 

How has the MBA changed your business focus?
The MBA offers greater awareness of global markets, which can widen your business focus. A key change has been how effective long-term planning can position a company for future success. This can positively impact wider stakeholders and their involvement in the products and services offered. 

What has impressed you most during your MBA journey to this point?
The vast learning experience from my cohort, both in terms of nationality and professional background is by far the most impressive part of the journey. It provides first hand growth, great friendships that even the pandemic could not deter, and strong bond with like-minded colleagues. 
I have also had the opportunity to work and further enrich my learning from inspiring professors who provided very good insight into desired career paths. 

Any tips on how to find time to study around your work and personal life?
Find a way to organise activities that can help tailor your work, life and education balance. You are going to have to schedule everything months ahead. Mine was every quarter which worked fine with the release of assignments, lectures and workshops dates. This was not always easy as there will inevitably be some clashes, but it helped to prioritise and allocate catch up time to study and complete coursework. In the long run this helps with time management skills.

What advice would you give to a new student on the programme?
If you are thinking of doing an MBA my main advice is to be engaged from the onset. Network with your class, meet with the careers team, schedule time with professors where appropriate. The earlier you do these, the more value you’ll get out of the programme. I actually wish I did this much earlier. 
An MBA is a substantial investment, so be sure you are ready to embark on this journey. There are many ways to finance your MBA and the University is very accommodating and can provide support where needed. 
In short, the preparation is just as important as the MBA journey and its completion. 

How has the MBA enhanced your career?
The MBA has been a catalyst that has widened my skillset from the traditional coaching career path I had followed. Entering into the elective section of the programme has made it even more relevant by carving out a roadmap to that desired career change. In my case, this is embarking into a more entrepreneurial role to have more autonomy. 
I even attended the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre BIG programme to continue to further develop my entrepreneurial skills. The programme explores the viability of an idea, prepares you for events such as Venture Further where you pitch for investments and also offers support in the form of a Kickstarter grant for your business. 
Above all, the MBA has given me exposure to access business resources, a network of people I normally wouldn’t be able to have access to and a boost in my self-confidence and capabilities. The hard work and investment are worth it.

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