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Brathay teamwork session

Develop your team working skills with an outstanding experience in The Lake District.

Set in the stunning Lake District National Park at Brathay, this residential is packed full of fun activities to help you be an effective team member - a key skill that employers look for when recruiting.

Get to know your course mates

The session is held at the start of your course and provides an excellent opportunity to get to know your course mates and build friendships to last a lifetime. You take part in outdoor activities and intellectual challenges that will help you to build your strengths and skills both as an individual and as a team member.

The session is included in your course fee and you don’t need to pay anything extra. This includes transport, overnight accommodation and all of your meals.

Students from all courses except MSc Business Psychology and MSc Organisational Psychology have the opportunity to attend. An alternative is offered if you are studying on the MSc Business Psychology or MSc Organisational Psychology courses.

Brianna Nowak, USA, MSc Marketing, Class of 2017

"My favourite part of Brathay was how in each task you were challenged as a group and individually. It must have been the atmosphere or maybe even my group’s support, but I completed climbing the 30-foot high rock wall and the 50-foot climbing pole. I definitely was not the same person when I left the trip and it made me embrace this experience to the absolute fullest by learning a lesson from each situation."

Brianna Nowak, USA, MSc Marketing, Class of 2017

Outcomes of the session

  • Learn how to achieve desired results through group working
  • Build effective relationships based on trust and understanding
  • Develop strategies to overcome the challenges involved in multi-cultural group working
  • Gain further insight into your own strengths and impact in group settings
  • Set and refine ground rules for working together in course groups
  • Capture your commitments in a Group Charter for the coming year


A selection of photos from the teamwork session set in the stunning Lake District National Park.

Any questions?

Here are the answers to some common questions about the session.

No - there is no charge for the Brathay residential. You will be asked to confirm your attendance during induction week. If you register on the course and subsequently do not turn up for the session, you may incur a charge due to waste of resources.

There’s no need for you to be nervous. We understand that you may have only just arrived in the UK and the thought of travelling to the Lake District and participating in this event is daunting. You will not be forced to participate in any activity that you feel uncomfortable with. Each task involves a different role and activities, with the aim that everyone can work within their comfort zone without feeling pressure to do something they don’t want to.

The activities in the events do not involve any role play and instead focus on fun, problem solving tasks.

Unfortunately, the event is only available to Masters students at Alliance Manchester Business School and family and friends cannot attend.

No, you will not be assessed and the session does not contribute to your degree outcome. There are opportunities for feedback from colleagues during the event and self-assessment is encouraged.

The residential is challenge by choice. Each activity has a variety of contributory roles. While there are opportunities to participate in physical activities, not everyone needs to participate. The activities are flexible for each group and individual. This is not a test of toughness or a bootcamp.

That’s something we can’t predict! The weather could be warm and sunny or wet and windy. You will be outside for short periods of time, so think of how you react to being outdoors in a British Autumn and pack clothes accordingly.

Two changes of clothing, warm clothing, soft shoes/trainers, warm socks, hat and gloves, nightclothes, toiletries.

The team at Brathay will provide a wind and waterproof jacket and trousers if needed, a hat and gloves if needed, drying facilities, towels and soap.