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The gaming of metrics

The gaming of metrics is at the centre of a number of recent scandals (such as LIBOR-fixing and car emissions tests), yet the study of gaming is fragmented and under-researched.

The project aims to unify work on gaming into a more coherent body of research to establish AMBS as a leading research hub for its analysis.

We will first build an internal network of AMBS researchers whose work already touches upon gaming. A thematic frame, agreed at a seed-funded workshop, will then structure points of overlap that will yield collaborative, interdisciplinary insights and outputs.

Regular meetings will be used to build the network within and outside AMBS, with a core emphasis on bringing in new, junior researchers. We will then develop an annotated online bibliography as part of a larger website so that we become a resource for potential external collaborators, whilst also allowing us to stake our claim on this intellectual terrain.

Network building will be buttressed by two external facing workshops from which we hope to build even greater capacity, further interdisciplinary outputs and larger external grant bids.