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Identifying new determinants of corporate risk

The project aims to enhance our understanding of corporate risk-taking by identifying new determinants and introducing novel measures of corporate risk. 

By focusing on market perceptions regarding the impact of the risk appetite of key stakeholders such as labour unions, it will offer new insights to the finance and economics literatures, which have primarily examined the risk preferences of managers and shareholders.

Moreover, by introducing new measures of risk, this project will reveal the effect of organised labour on various dimensions of corporate risk that have previously been ignored in both the academic literature and policy making.

This project will lay the foundations for creating a strong research group that will work at the intersection of finance and labour economics and seek to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects with other groups within the business school, such as the PMO division, as well as across faculty (e.g. economics, politics, and sociology in the School of Social Sciences). The ultimate goal is for this research group to build a strong international reputation in this field.