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Globalisation and responsible production network

The emergence of the so-called 'rising powers' - including but not limited to China, India, Brazil, South Africa, and Russia - represents one of the key drivers of global economic and social change. Given the enormity of their potential impact on the global systems, these nations represent a priority challenge to social scientific understanding with outcomes likely to be of importance to government, business and citizens.

Questions around the contribution of the rising powers to recovery from the financial crisis and Western recession underline the growing interdependency of the various major global powers. This is further illustrated by the key environmental challenges facing the planet, where the world's poorest are most at risk if interdependence is not addressed.

This particular research project builds further on extensive cross-disciplinary research already underway at The University of Manchester via the Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures network. The project will engage directly with policymakers and organisations in Rising Power countries as well as with international companies, agencies and non-governmental organisations.

The Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures network includes up to a dozen research projects that aim to address these global challenges from different angles, drawing on a variety of disciplinary approaches across the social sciences.