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Data-driven modelling

 Using data to support business decision making is not new. However, rapid development of decision science (e.g. decision modelling and inference) and information technology (e.g. data analytics) has made it critically important and essential to business.

Thanks to the emergence of ‘big data’ and ‘data science’, the concepts of data-driven business analysis and evidence-based decision making have become widely accepted.

While the honeymoon between the buzz word and real businesses will soon be over, attention will inevitably shift back to the basics of how to optimise values for businesses from complex data, big or small.

The project’s aim is to achieve world-leading cutting edge research in data-driven modelling and inference to support evidence-based decision making in a wide range of areas in business and society.

Within this, an existing strong group will be consolidated and developed, involving senior academics, early career researchers, PDRAs and PhD students, from both AMBS and the University of Manchester (UoM).

This project will enhance and grow cross-disciplinary research activities by breaking boundaries, nurturing new collaborations and exploring exciting and potentially transformative multi-disciplinary research methodologies for collective research excellence. The tangible outcomes will be more and higher quality papers, increased funding, and more external engagements contributing to both AMBS and UoM objectives, with significant potential impact both economically and societally.