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Big Data Forum

The Big Data Forum brings together a number of experts in Big Data from within and outside Alliance MBS.

Alliance Manchester Business School is uniquely positioned in the field of business applications of Big Data models and techniques, indeed for historical reasons and due to its size it brings together expertise covering not only different application areas such as finance, marketing, innovation and operations, but also methodological expertise including data management, and algorithm design.

The figure below demonstrates the main areas of expertise within the School related to Big Data:

big data diagram

The Big Data Forum has the following four objectives:

  • To foster communication of ideas and project results within and outside Alliance MBS
  • To facilitate collaboration in this area within the school and with outside stakeholders
  • To support the conception and development of research grant and contract proposals
  • To disseminate work in Big Data done in Alliance MBS to outside stakeholders.

In pursuit of these objectives, we organise a range of activities including dissemination events, technical workshops and collaboration meetings with external organisations. At the level of the University of Manchester, the Big Data Forum collaborates with the Data Science Institute and Manchester Informatics initiatives.