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How large companies can see the future and rethink innovation

Ismail Amla is Chief Growth Officer at Capita and AMBS alumnus and is recognised as one of the top 100 most influential Black, Asian and minority ethnic leaders in the UK tech sector. He has had a technology-focused career, spanning Europe and North America, having held leadership roles at Accenture, CapCo and IBM.

Drawing on his years of experience, during this podcast, Ismail explores how organisations can tap into a wealth of resources that will allow them to transform themselves through innovation and technology. He will share key insights and case studies from his recent book, From Incremental to Exponential. The topic of Ismail’s podcast ties in very closely with work we are undertaking here at AMBS in our Innovation Management and Policy Division. Beginning this year at AMBS, a major two-year project will look at the impact of digital technologies on the UK labour market.

The study will look at the changing nature of work and the effects of digitalisation on innovation, while also exploring the effects of digital technologies on the dynamics of skills and employment, and how these changes are affecting innovation performance. Heading up this project and also facilitating the discussion is Professor Silvia Massini, Professor of Economic and Management of Innovation and the Head of our Innovation Management and Policy Division.

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