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Codilia Gapare Women Leading in Business

In this podcast we hear from Codilia Gapare during our latest Women Leading in Business webinar.

This month we will be joined by Codilia Gapare, an entrepreneurial breast cancer survivor who has revolutionised the beauty industry by creating the first-ever false lashes range for chemotherapy patients.

The mother-of-two had always dreamed of becoming a lawyer and started studying when she came to the UK from Zimbabwe. Hours before her interview for University, Codilia was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 36, and it was through this intensely difficult time in her life that she realised that there were no fake eyelash options for cancer patients.

Codilia transformed her idea into an actual product, ‘C-Lash’, and partnered with beauty brand Eylure. The company has since launched the range in the UK, USA, Australia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Poland, making the cosmetic industry more accessible for women with cancer. C-Lash won several awards including National Diversity Award - Entrepreneur of Excellence 2019 and Allure USA - Breakthrough Award 2020.

Hosted by AMBS alumna Claire-Marie Boggiano, Lurig Change & Development.


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