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Learn the secrets of successful and sustainable business with MSc Management

If you are motivated to contribute to society, then the MSc Management degree course at Alliance MBS is ideal for you. No previous knowledge or experience in business is required as this degree will teach you how to pursue a career that couples financial success with ethical business practices.

The MSc in Management will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to successfully transform business practices in an effective, sustainable and responsible manner. Alliance Manchester Business School is a global leader in this field and was the first business school to make social responsibility a core strategic goal. The Sustainable Consumption Institute within the School has pioneered research on the topic and influenced policy and practice.

The Sustainability and Social Responsibility unit on the course enables you to demonstrate to future employers your knowledge of these important and topical issues. You will have the opportunity to further specialise in the area through the business projects offered on the course.

Professor Jonatan Pinkse is the unit leader on Sustainability and Social Responsibility. He says, “sustainability has become one of the main drivers for innovation and entrepreneurship. Successful companies are now in the process of developing innovative business models to help society deal with disruptive social and environmental issues such as climate change. Getting a good understanding of what it means to run a sustainable and socially responsible business is a great way to make sure that you can contribute to a more sustainable future for business and society.”

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