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The Manchester Briefing on COVID-19 issue 33: Recovery plans with the public

In this week’s Manchester Briefing the focus is on co-production of recovery plans with the public.

The Briefing from Alliance MBS and the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute brings together international lessons for local and national government recovery and renewal in the wake of the pandemic each fortnight.

This week the Briefing identifies three core barriers to co-production (Pace, Distance and Complexity) to provide a broad framework to facilitate co-production of recovery and renewal from COVID, sharing lessons from around the world including:

UK - co-producing mental health strategies with service users

There has been wide discussion about the harmful psychological impacts of COVID-19 and the social restrictions associated with it. The Briefing points to the findings of a recent UK study and how they can be used to alleviate these issues.

Lebanon – community roles during crises

During COVID-19 communities around the globe have proved to be an invaluable resilience capability. The highlighted lesson from Lebanon looks at ways in which this can be used to prepare for future crises by recovering and renewing community capabilities.

The role of communities was also the focus of the latest webinar from The Manchester Briefing team which you can watch here

Rwanda – domestic tourism for recovery of the tourism industry

The lesson from Rwanda explores business regeneration and rejuvenation, with a focus on the tourism sector. As overseas travel restrictions ease after a long period of severe constraints, the Briefing explores ways to create additional demand for domestic tourism.

Morocco & UK – gendered economic impacts of the pandemic

The Briefing looks at reports from Morocco and the UK alongside a UN Policy Brief to share recommendations as to how post-COVID strategies can address the impact on already existing gender inequalities and transform the position of women in the labour market.

Philippines – ecosystem-based strategies for local disaster risk reduction and recovery

The pandemic has shown how the condition of the local environment and its ecological health are intrinsically linked with human health. The Briefing explores ways in which local governments can analyse ecosystems and increase understanding of their potential role in preventing future disasters.

Australia – actions following Impact and Needs Assessments

Impact and Needs Assessments collect information about the effects, impacts and opportunities from the crisis alongside pre-crisis needs. These can form the basis of understanding required to formulate effective recovery and renewal strategies. The Briefing outlines useful considerations for these assessments.

The Manchester Briefing is aimed at those who plan and implement recovery from COVID-19, including government emergency planners and resilience officers. The research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), as part of UK Research and Innovation’s rapid response to the pandemic.

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