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The Manchester Bee

The humble worker bee has been the official symbol of Manchester since 1842, when the city was alive with textile mills, described as ‘hives of activity’ and the workers inside them compared to bees.

It represents Mancunians’ resilience and work ethic during the Industrial Revolution, when the city was taking a leading role in new forms of mass production, becoming the world’s first industrial city.

The University of Manchester's coat of arms features three bees. As you walk around, you will find the industrious creature throughout the city, engrained in grand merchant buildings and exquisite mosaic-tiled floors.

You might hear the phrase, “Here in Manchester we’re all as busy as bees”. The ‘busy bee’ being a term that describes a hard worker and Manchester has never lost sight of that. The HMS Manchester was even nicknamed ‘busy bee’, with the symbol appearing on the ship’s crest.

Alliance Manchester Business School sits at the heart of this entrepreneurial, visionary and creative city. We are proud to be among original thinkers, radicals and pioneers. The city's revolutionary history and prosperous future make it a great place to live and do business.

The bee has come to represent and reinforce the incredible sense of unity shown in our city and has been emblazoned on the city’s walls as part of many new murals.

The Manchester bee will live on for more years to come and continue to represent our magnificent city as a symbol of hard work and togetherness.