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The development of thriving and inclusive cities

In our latest Vital Topics panel event, and first to be held in the refurbished Alliance MBS, senior business leaders and public figures shared their thoughts on how Manchester is moving forward.

Joanne Roney, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, Jessica Bowles, Director of Strategy at Bruntwood, and Dave Moutrey, Director & Chief Executive at HOME and Director of Culture for Manchester City Council, digested the city-region’s future success.

"The City Council have a clear mandate to show how we are connecting opportunities to the people who live in the city,” said Joanne Roney. “This ambition needs to be seen in the context of significantly reduced funding available to the public sector, and the significant impacts of austerity on people in this city. However, the speed at which we can turn opportunity into reality here, through partnerships across all sectors of the community, is incredibly impressive. "

Jessica Bowles talked about how children in Manchester need a focus on essential skills which will prepare them for the work environment: “The school where I’m a governor is teaching kids things which they will absolutely need in their life - such as teamwork, problem-solving and collaboration. These are the skills, especially in a digital future, which will give them the best opportunities to create great careers and contribute most to the future of the city.”   

Dave Moutrey pointed out that organisations in Manchester are world-leaders in arts and health practice: “It’s not something that a lot of people know but making that contribution to improving health outcomes in our city is an important part of what we do, as well as working with the education sector and social cohesion projects which the cultural sector is engaged in.”

A Facebook Live stream of the event was recorded which can be viewed here.