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7 reasons to study an MBA

Studying an MBA degree can open substantial doors for you. This world-renowned degree can help you transform your future career, boost your earning potential and achieve your desired goals. Below are the top 7 reasons why you should study an MBA – and in particular an MBA at Alliance Manchester Business School.

1. Boost your salary

With an MBA you can significantly increase your earning power. Within 3 years of graduating the average salary for AMBS MBA graduates is $124,178 with an average salary increase of 102% (FT 2019).

2. Gain a broader business knowledge

Studying the MBA gives you broader business knowledge and the ability to think more strategically and analytically. This holistic view of business will open doors to new opportunities and help you secure a top management position. You will understand all areas of your organisation and how they fit together to deliver results.

3. Get the global perspective

All our MBA programmes offer global electives in Dubai, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore, plus additional locations such as Tokyo and the USA. This gives you the opportunity to experience a different business culture and build a network in another country. If you opt for our Full-time MBA, you’ll also take on international consultancy field work. You could also study an international exchange or a study tours in Dubai and/or Shanghai.

4. Build an international network

As an MBA student, you’ll join a diverse class of talented peers from a variety of industries and cultures. Working in small multinational teams will help you build cross cultural understanding and explore new ways of working. This also provides an international network of highly-skilled contacts that you can take with you for the rest of your life. Who knows what opportunities this could lead to?

5. Explore new opportunities

If you are not 100% clear about your future plans, the MBA is a great chance to test drive new industries, functions and business ideas. For example, 57% of our Full-time MBA Class of 2018 changed industry and 64% changed function. Whether you explore an idea through a business project, work with consultancy clients from new sectors or take on an internship, you will boost your CV and be inspired.

6. Relocate overseas

With such an international cohort, it’s not surprising that a lot of MBA graduates change country. In fact, 50% of our Full-time MBA Class of 2018 moved to a new country after graduating. Where can we take you?

7. Kick start your business idea

It is important to have broad business knowledge and leadership skills to run a successful business, and the MBA offers a great ROI for entrepreneurs. At AMBS, you can take on the role of a CEO in our business simulation course, join an entrepreneurship club and study entrepreneurship elective courses. The University’s Masood Enterprise Centre is based on-site, with start-up competitions and opportunities to collaborate across the University. That’s not to mention your classmates – a rich network of future business partners – and the academic mentors you will meet.

It is important when choosing an MBA that it meets your individual needs, ability and aspirations. Why not view our suite of MBA programmes here and get in touch to discuss which is the right programme for you.