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Scholarship opportunities for Masters students

There are a number of funding options for Masters courses, which will vary depending on whether you’re a student from the UK, EU or an international student from outside the EU. Anna Pappa, an MSc Quantitative Finance student applied for a scholarship at the School, below she shares her experience of the application process:

How did you find out about your scholarship opportunity?

I found out about the scholarship opportunity from Alliance Manchester Business School's website. It was there that I requested for further information about the scholarship.

Why did you apply for a scholarship at Alliance MBS?

Due to the severe economic circumstances that Greece faces, I found it very difficult to cover the cost of the tuition fees.

What does this scholarship mean to you?

Receiving a scholarship made me realise that effort is rewarded. This motivated me to work even harder, in order to prove that the School’s trust to me will not be in vain.

What advice would you give to those looking to receive a scholarship?

I would advise anyone that would like to apply for a scholarship to try to prove their academic merit, that they are highly interested in the field and that they are willing to work hard, in order to perform even better in the future.

What was the scholarship application process like?

It was very easy, I didn’t need to do a separate application. I would recommend the scholarship application process to anyone who is struggling financially but wants to study at university.

How would you describe your experience in Manchester so far?

I have been very impressed with the excellent quality services. The professors and staff are dedicated to helping us achieve our goals. Manchester is a great city. It is lively, colourful and has many things to do. People are polite and are always willing to help. I feel privileged to live in a city like Manchester. Also it's not a very big city which creates a cosy feeling. Manchester feels like home!

What are your career plans after graduation?

My goal after graduating is to pursue a career in a prestigious financial institution in the UK, as an analyst in the beginning, aspiring to become a manager in the future.

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