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Research carried out in Business Schools is key to solving national challenges

  • Friday, November 9, 2018
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A film produced by ITN and the Chartered Association of Business Schools looks at how Alliance Manchester Business School and technology design and manufacturing business, IPEC, have worked together to produce outstanding productivity gains. 

Commenting on the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) - a government-funded programme aimed at helping UK businesses improve competitiveness, productivity and performance through better use of the knowledge, technology and skills available within universities -  Carl Eastham, Business Development Director, IPEC said that the relationship with the School has had ‘quite a significant impact on IPEC.’ 

Speaking to the Chartered Association of Business Schools, Mr Eastham explained that the company had seen growth during the period of working with Alliance Manchester Business School, when the KTP was in progress and how it had created extra revenue streams for the company.

A KTP has many benefits for businesses such as increase profits, knowledge and capability; gain competitive advantage through the launch of new products, processes and services; and become more innovative, efficient and set for growth.

Fiona Nightingale, Knowledge Transfer Adviser At The University of Manchester, calls the partnership a ‘fantastic way for businesses to get answers to their problems today but to change their cultures and for the long term have real change that helps maximise those capabilities.’ 

Business Schools are key to providing business with solutions to problems across a range of industries. David Sweeney, Executive Chair, Research England, iterates that ‘Business Schools are a key element of explaining why we have problems with productivity and where those structural difficulties lie and where you can then tackle them.’

Mr Sweeney continued: “Business Schools can bring lessons from other sectors and they can do a lot to illuminate the way in which people working in the STEM sector see problems and bring solutions to them.”

Would your business be interested in taking part? Find out more about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships or contact Dr Richard Allmendinger, Business Engagement Lead at Alliance MBS.

Watch the full video from the Chartered Association of Business Schools below: