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New AMBS partnership to empower not-for-profit leaders to drive change

The British-Saudi Fellowship Programme is a bespoke leadership development programme that aims to equip not-for-profit leaders across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with the skills, knowledge and network required to address societal challenges and lead complex organisations.

The programme has been designed and developed in partnership with AMBS, The Council of Foundations, and Leaders Development (LD).

The programme has been designed specifically for not-for-profit organisations in KSA and balances the sector’s best practices and recent experiences within the regional context, rather than relying solely on traditional approaches to leadership development.

Dr Stephen Brookes, Programme Director and Associate Professor at Alliance Manchester Business School said: “I am delighted to confirm the launch of our ground-breaking leadership programme.

"The Saudi-British Fellowship Programme is designed to empower leaders in the KSA’s not-for-profit sector to unlock their full potential in taking forward the leadership challenges in such an essential area of creating social value for the public.

“From my own experience of working within, and in support of, the sector in the UK, I know how difficult it can be for leaders of social institutions to achieve success in entrepreneurial partnerships with other for-profit and public-facing services alongside the diverse communities that are served.

“This comprehensive programme offers a transformative journey for influential and inspiring leaders. Through cutting-edge workshops, mentorship, and experiential learning, Fellows will develop essential executive leadership skills, foster emotional intelligence, and cultivate a growth mindset.

"We look forward to joining our inaugural Fellows on this empowering adventure in shaping a brighter future together. We are confident that this first cohort of Fellows will lay a foundation which many others will follow.”

The programme will help leaders to understand the developmental needs and practice of transformational leadership and give them the critical thinking skills needed to create social innovation, financial efficiency, and digital transformation. 

Six in-person workshops designed and delivered by LD will be supported by a five-day leadership masterclass at Alliance Manchester Business School. The masterclass will entail four full-day sessions, followed by an external visit to a not-for-profit organisation in Manchester.

Five golden threads run throughout the design and delivery of the programme. These unique golden threads position the not-for-profit sector in KSA as a catalyst for positive change, capable of addressing social issues, leveraging philanthropic culture, fostering collaboration, embracing innovation, and upholding trust and accountability.

The British-Saudi Fellowship Programme aligns with KSA’s 'Vision 2030', published in 2016, which commits the nation to empower and enhance the not-for-profit sector. Leadership development is critical to 'Vision 2030', and the programme will play a vital role in achieving its aims for the sector. The programme will give leaders in the industry the skills and techniques to improve their organisations’ capabilities and capacity to achieve the 'Vision 2030' aims.

The programme will launch in Riyadh, KSA on 29 August 2023. 

The Council of Foundations

Established in 2019, The Council of Foundations represents civil institutions with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. It aims to empower and develop civil institutions, achieve cooperation, integration, and coordination between them, and provide auxiliary services to support this. Supporting the Saudi-British Fellowship Programme will enable leaders within the sector to improve their capabilities and for the sector to build its capacity.

Leaders Development

Founded in 2009, Leaders Development seeks to create a network of local and global relationships to develop leaders in profitable businesses and non-profitable institutions and prepare a second and third generation of leaders. LD have contributed to both the design and delivery of the programme and will play a valuable role in providing the regional context and KSA-based coaching.