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MEC supporting SUCCESS in Social Sciences with the ASPECT programme

The SUCCESS programme is a first-of-its-kind opportunity designed to help social scientists with innovative and marketable research ideas to get the training, support and funding to transform those ideas into a business or social enterprise.

Tony Walker, Deputy Director of the Masood Enterprise Centre (MEC) at Alliance Manchester Business School has conducted two interviews recently. In the first, he spoke about the increasing importance of supporting entrepreneurship and commercialisation within Social Sciences.

In the second he talked to Morven Fraser-Walther, Aspect Programme Co-ordinator at University of Glasgow about Inspiring Innovation in Social Scientists.

The SUCCESS programme is also helping social scientists transform innovative and marketable ideas into a business or social enterprise, such as Professor Ricardo Climent with SUCCESS project, Keep It Human.

We recently spoke to Ricardo Climent – Professor of Interactive Music at The University of Manchester and Founder of Keep It Human – about his ambitious project and what he’s hoping to get out of the SUCCESS programme.

SUCCESS is also supported by an array of experts who have already been there and done it. Ruth Daniel, CEO of In Place of War at the University of Manchester gave a talk to the SUCCESS programme on the 21 May.

For further information about the SUCCESS programme please contact or at the Masood Enterprise Centre.