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Master’s students visit Philips in preparation for client-facing projects

We recently spoke with Nikita Patel, a member of the MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management Class of 2019, about the group's recent visit to Philips’ headquarters in Amsterdam.

Tell us about your recent visit to Philips and explain what activities you were involved with during the day?

“As part of the course, we are able to gain live client-facing experience during the summer term. In preparation for this, we were offered the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam and meet with Alliance MBS MBA alumnus Gabor Bodo and his colleague Gert van Lieshout at Philips’ headquarters.

“We were able to hear from both Gabor and Gert about Philips' transition towards becoming a professional services firm and what that meant for their operations. We had been asked to prepare pitches related to Philips' transition and propose a potential project that would facilitate the change.

“This allowed us to apply concepts and theories that we had learned in class and gave us invaluable presentation experience in a business setting. To finish off the day we heard from Philips' Graduate Recruitment Team and learned about the opportunities that are available to us across Europe as future MSc graduates.”

What did you enjoy most about the visit?

“Pitching with my team was a great experience! Gaining this type of real-life exposure came at the perfect time as we were preparing to interview for our client facing projects. It was interesting to hear from my classmates and see what proposals the other teams had come up with.

“Of course, it was also very nice to have the afternoon to explore Amsterdam before our flight back to Manchester!”

What valuable information did you take away from the experience and how can you apply this to your course?

“After each team's pitch, Gabor and Gert gave feedback which was honest and useful. They asked questions which challenged us and made us think. From this, I learned to ensure that I am prepared for any questions that the client may have in my own client-facing project this summer.”

“With the rise of technology, it's really interesting for me to learn how companies are adapting. I found Philips' move towards services as opposed to products, particularly interesting as when we hear 'Philips', many of us think of a lighting and consumer electronics company.”

Did this visit help to improve your insight into future career choices and external companies?

“Definitely! It was especially useful in learning what options I could consider outside the UK, having not really thought of these before.”

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