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Master’s students visit Mastercard head office

Students from the MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management course recently visited the Mastercard head office in preparation for their Client-facing Project during the summer months. They were given the opportunity to network, work on a case study, learn more about client relationships and find out more about the job market.

Arun Kumar Manoharan, class of 2019, shares his experience:

“Students on the MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management course get to work on a client-facing project during the summer. To equip us on how to handle client relationships and to show us how projects in the business world are carried out, the School organised a visit to Mastercard’s head office in London.

“We were given a case study to read on the journey to London. All 14 of us immediately put on our business analyst caps and began researching and discussing the case and the company. The level of energy at 6:45 in the morning was so high, and the whole cabin was buzzing with our discussions and by the time we realised we had reached London.

“We then swiftly reached Mastercard’s office. After we settled down into our respective teams, the session began with a couple of fun and educational ice-breakers.

“We then had a very interesting presentation on the structure and history of the organisation. The presentation was followed by the case analysis. The case was about how Mastercard can partner with local government officials and provide them with tech support for the upcoming election.

“The product to be launched was a two-in-one payment card that would also work as a photo identity card that can be used for casting votes. With 20 minutes and ticking, we had to discuss the possible challenges from the external environment, the benefits and strengths of Mastercard, how to overcome cultural issues and enter the market, and how we should win the support of management.

“We then had to present our findings and possible solutions in 5 minutes. The best thing about the 5-minute presentation was the feedback that we got after it. The whole LEAD team listened to all the points we said and gave insightful suggestions on how we can improve.

“We then had the head of talent acquisition give a brief talk about life at Mastercard. As we would all soon move away from University, the Q&A session clarified a lot of doubts we had. We now have a better understanding of how we can approach the job market. We also realised that consulting or business analyst jobs need not necessarily be only for professional services firms like the big 4. There are equally exciting and similar opportunities in tech companies like Mastercard.

“The best thing about the visit was the networking session we had along with lunch. The panel was open to questions. Each and every member of LEAD worked in different departments across Mastercard, so the answers to the questions we asked them gave us a holistic understanding of the scenario. Mr. Narcisse and his team were encouraging, and they motivated us to be the best we can when we start our client projects.”

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