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Leadership in a Volatile and Uncertain World

Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) in partnership with The Business Desk held Leadership in a Volatile and Uncertain World, a panel discussion with leaders from the UK business community and AMBS to explore and navigate the evolving business landscape in this country. 

Facilitated by The Business Desk editor, Michael Taylor and hosted by Academic Director of Education Bryan Lukas, panellists Lisa Shaftesley (, Jo Ahmed (Deloitte) and Dr Courtney Owens (AMBS) shared a stimulating discussion about the challenge faced by leaders navigating the huge changes within the workplace. 

Business leaders have been thrown an enormous challenge accelerated by technological change, a pandemic that overturned working habits overnight, and profound reappraisals of what people want from careers and work. The panel explored the impact of these changes on motivation, culture, design of incentives, working spaces and how leaders can take their teams into the future. 

Watch here:

The event is part of the launch of the portfolio of short business courses that have been created by Executive Education to help to support the development of professionals in the current evolving business landscape. 

Designed to equip future leaders with the professional skills they need to lead successfully, each programme has been devised by industry-leading academics to respond to industry needs.

They include:

  • Psychology of Leading People - Understand motivations, influence and power in the workplace to better manage people for high performance.
  • Leading Major Projects – Discover strategies for managing the multifaceted nature of large, major projects.
  • International Business Strategy – Gain insight into how to develop a nuanced expansion strategy in overseas markets.
  • Data and AI for Leaders - Develop the skills needed to make impactful, data-driven decisions within your business and build your conceptual understanding of AI.
  • Leading Digital Transformation - Explore the role of people, strategy and technology, and understand the needs of your organisation for digital transformation to be implemented successfully.
  • Market Focused Strategic Planning - Take a deep dive into the tools and techniques used to make tactical and practical strategic decisions.
  • Finance for Non-Financial Leaders – Demystify the world of corporate finance helping you to use facts and figures to your advantage.
  • Decentralised Financial Technologies and Web3.0 Economy - Expand your knowledge of the crypto economy and understand the opportunities and risks for your business.
  • Managing Complex Business Challenges - Explore new approaches to governance, communication and engagement when navigating decision making and complex business situations.
  • Digital Marketing Essentials for Leaders - Develop a strategic understanding of digital marketing concepts to optimise your organisation’s performance.
  • Coping with Cyber Risk - This ‘live-run’ exercise comprises a safe-space experience of a cyber incident where you’ll learn how to rise about the technical babble of fear, uncertainty and doubt.
  • Leading and Implementing Innovation - Learn how to lead your organisation on a pathway to success through powerful new ideas.
  • Leading ESG and Sustainability - Discover the challenges that businesses face and explore the fast-increasing, ESG influenced transition to a net-zero and biodiverse economy.
  • Personal and Organisational Resilience - Build the skill set needed to anticipate and adapt to challenges within a high-pressured business environment.
  • Supply Chain Management - Discover the skills and frameworks needed to enhance supply chains to improve flexibility, cost and performance.
  • Managing the Customer Journey - Strengthen your competitive advantage by taking a strategic, transformative view on your customer’s journey and your interactions with them.