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Jumping into the MBA experience

Once again it is that time of year where life on campus is blooming. It is exciting and uplifting to have the student buzz back on campus. First to arrive in Manchester are our MBA students. We welcome students from across the globe to become our Full-time MBA Class of 2023.

Our Full-time MBA programme starts with an intense three-week induction where students get to know the syllabus and most importantly, each other. As part of the induction our MBA students take a two-day trip to the countryside of the Lake District for a residential stay at Brathay.


Naomi Blackwell, MBA Assistant Director said: “The Brathay residential is consistently one of the highlights for our MBA students. The facilitator team brilliantly design a two-day programme to push the students out of their comfort zone, whilst bringing the group together and having fun.

“Making great use of their rural location, Brathay run outdoor activities that most of the students will not have done before. They can challenge their abilities in a new way, reflecting on how they individually and collectively apply their strengths and support each other with encouragement and feedback.”

Student experience

Ana Bazan from Peru, a student from the Full-time MBA Class of 2023, was an Industrial Engineer, working in the commercial side of operations, responsible for the strategy and execution of new business segments, before leaving Peru and starting the Manchester MBA.

“We travelled to the Lake District for two days at the end of the first week of induction. Once we arrived, we were divided into teams that worked together for the two-day experience. Each team was assigned with coaches that delivered different challenges. These challenges were to build on skills such as teamwork, organisation, time management, dynamics and self-reflection.

“For me the best part of the Brathay experience was how practical it was. The teams were exposed to activities that presented challenges for the group; from time management, communication, strategy and delegation to name a few. The coaches were there to guide us through the situation with an aim to be able to learn from our mistakes and from each other.  

“It was a fruitful experience for us all and we worked well together in our teams which helped us to get the most out of the Brathay experience. We built a trusting environment, allowing for failure, success and creativity. The experience was enriching in a way I didn’t expect and provided a set of tools that easily translate back to a working environment and I look forward to using these skills during the consultancy projects.

“I am excited to be starting my MBA journey, I know this will be a life changing experience for us all and I feel so grateful that I am on this path in my life with such a diverse mix of people with different cultural and working backgrounds.”

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