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Jenni Rose awarded PQ Lecturer of the Year

  • Thursday, April 27, 2023
  • School

This week, Alliance Manchester Business School Lecturer Jenni Rose was awarded the prestigious national PQ Public Sector Lecturer of the Year at Proud Embankment in London.

Jenni Rose was nominated by her students and here are some of the reasons cited:

  • Jenni changes the way students see the world, moving from the idea of accounting as a technical practice to a social and moral practice where accountants can shape the world to become a better place through accounting and sustainability practices.
  • Lectures often begin with a ‘tuning in’ mindfulness reminder, which often includes a mental health check-in.
  • Jenni uses Monopoly and Lego as well as simulations to make learning accounting more fun.
  • New coaching scheme implemented under her leadership where students coach the year below.
  • Jenni uses her extensive LinkedIn groups sharing experiences to find and create employability opportunities.  
  • Students feel they are part of a community of staff and students as 81% agreed with this statement in the NSS survey which also showed 91% overall satisfaction under her leadership.

Jenni reflected on her award by saying: “It’s wonderful to be recognised in this way by our students for teaching excellence in accounting. The way we teach is unique and student-centred with a sustainability lens and it’s great that students appreciate that.”

Fiona Devine, Head of Alliance Manchester Business School and Elinor O’Connor, Director of Teaching & Learning said: “We are thrilled that Jenni has won this award. She is an exceptional teacher dedicated to the academic success of our students. Most importantly, she is deeply committed to the health and well-being of our students. We are all very proud of Jenni in Alliance Manchester Business School.“