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ITMB Employer Showcase moves online

This semester, our bi-annual undergraduate ITMB employer showcase event took an unprecedented step and moved to a virtual setting, with incredibly successful results.

Our employer showcases usually take place on campus, at Alliance Manchester Business School. However, this semester, due to the closure of our campus, our team quickly adapted to provide a virtual alternative. Students were given the same opportunities to present to employers and participate in a large showcase event from the safety of their homes all over the world.

This is just one way our academics and undergraduate services team have responded and adapted to prioritise student safety, whilst delivering the highest-quality student experience.

Let’s hand over to those who participated to hear about their fantastic experience …

“The campus may be closed but at the Business School we are very much open and committed to providing the best opportunities to our fantastic ITMB students. This week we delivered the very first ITMB virtual employer showcase which was attended by 32 employers from 15 of our committed industry partners, who gave their time to support the development of our students for which I am grateful. My takeaway from the fantastic presentations delivered by the students are twofold. First, students do not have a learning curve when it comes to acclimatising to presenting virtually in teams. Second, I must learn to never be surprised by the confidence and abilities demonstrated by my students who continue to surpass all expectations and make me so proud to be their Programme Director.”

“I was privileged to watch the student presentations to the employers at the Showcase. An absolute triumph all round. Students were a credit and embraced the challenge, working collaboratively, remotely and effectively in teams of 4s and 5s, across multiple time zones. What Ali Owrak has achieved through his extensive employer network and first year students was, quite simply, of the highest quality. The students were fully engaged, have learned so much and demonstrated that to some top level employers.”

  • John Pal, Senior Lecturer, Alliance MBS

“Wonderful experience for ITMB students.”

  • Connor, first-year ITMB student, Alliance MBS

“Today with Alliance Manchester Business School, myself and colleagues at Fujitsu are participating in the Industry (virtual) Showcase event. Delighted to support as part of our ongoing industry and academia relationship. The 10 student teams have demonstrated amazing project outcomes, team working and creativity in the presentations throughout. A tough job assessing the teams overall and a credit to you, Ali Owrak and the course programme.”

  • Andy Seferta, Head of Ecosystem and Analyst Engagement, Digital Technology Services, Fujitsu

“It's been great to see the growth of the students from the first showcase too! The change in delivery medium as well has been interesting to see. The students have done really well. Well done Ali and the AMBS team.”

  • Abbie Wiles, Graduate Innovation Consultant, Fujitsu UK

“A wealth of talent once again showcased by Ali Owrak and the team at Alliance Manchester Business School.”

  • Myfanwy Edwards, IT Consultant, Fujitsu Services

“Today, I had the opportunity to be “present” at my alma mater on our bi-annual ITMB showcase where students demonstrate their projects and engage with employers... and this was the first time when they did it virtually. It is a very difficult time for everyone. The fact that you pulled yourselves together from different time zones, different circumstances, and delivered excellent presentations whereby we were also able to test your mobile applications - I am blown away! You are phenomenal! I am proud to be an ITMB alumnus, and I am exceptionally proud to support ITMB on behalf of The Very Group.”

“Amongst the chaos that is currently going on right now, it was great to join the first ITMB virtual showcase. Good to see all the effort the students have put in since we last saw their presentations last year. Well done to all and especially Ali Owrak for constantly thinking outside of the box in doing this for the students! It will really help the students understand remote working and video conferencing.”