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Graduate Profile: Jack Milne, MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management

Jack Milne made the journey from his home in Australia to study MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management in 2015. Here he reflects on his experiences and his career path since graduating.

Why did you choose Alliance MBS?

I chose to study at Alliance MBS for a number of reasons. Firstly it was ranked in the Financial Times Top 50 business schools in the world, secondly the rich history of its alumni network that studied there, thirdly the student services were very well regarded and finally the global links within industry and the international influence it has across sectors.

How did you fund your MSc

It was a difficult and challenging option to pursue, I decided to self-fund my MSc studies and in hindsight, it’s one of my most rewarding decisions  that I’ve ever made and also one of the most satisfying achievements in receiving a master’s degree from the Alliance MBS.

What were the top 3 highlights of your course?

My top 3 highlights whilst studying at Alliance MBS were:

  • The residential session at Brathay in the Lake District. This was a productive and useful retreat, providing the opportunity to interact with new peers from across the world by breaking down language and cultural barriers, and helping to develop life-long friendships and memories.
  • Alliance MBS Post-Graduate Summer Ball. Volunteering with the Horizon Society and with months of ‘rolling up the sleeves’, the evening was an incredible experience to be a part of and to celebrate each and everyone’s achievements over the 12 months.
  • The Client-Facing Project. This provided the opportunity to transfer my academic learning by applying it a real life business issue. My client’s organisational challenges remain relevant for many other businesses across the UK and Europe. Furthermore it assisted the transition from studies to the workforce, with a greater knowledge and understanding of the practical skills and business accumulation to be successful in my field of interest.

How has your career developed since graduating

It was mentioned the first stages in my final blog as a student ambassador.  It only feels like yesterday that I wrote it in the Dover St Building! I laid out the foundation that in the short-term I’d be working as an advisor to the Commonwealth Youth Council, writing a couple of articles and be in the middle of the selection process for a potential role at an organisation.

Almost two years later, I’ve undertaken two internships with two departments in the Australian Public Service; the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and the Department of Finance. Currently, I am working at Serco Asia Pacific, who are also a services provider for the Australian Government.

Besides this, I’ve written a couple of articles that’ve been published both in the UK and Australia on the theme of young people with disabilities. In addition, I was appointed to the prestigious role of the Australian Youth Coordinator of the Royal Commonwealth Society. At the recent Commonwealth Summit in London, the project I was a lead advisor on was delivered and I’ve recently been invited to design a future youth forum.

I am still in the process of writing further applications and preparing interviews and possible assessment centres. I am grateful to this day that my career since graduating has had its fair share of challenges and rewards, the whole staff at Alliance MBS and University have been extremely supportive with furthering my aspirations.

What advice wold you give to those considering the MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management?

Three words: Seize the moment.

When given the opportunity to receive world class practical and academic training with the ability to transfer your learning with a client-facing project, take it.  The year of studying for an MSc in Business Analysis and Strategic Management will ensure you are ready for your professional career, so seize the moment.

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