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From the capital markets in Peru to the insurance industry in UK

Lizbeth Hancco who is part of the Full-time MBA class of 2020 writes about her experience on her internship with Swinton Insurance.

Before joining the MBA last August, Lizbeth worked in the business development area at the Peruvian Stock Exchange. She was leading projects to implement new investment products and improve the existing ones.

“In my previous role, I was collaborating with the capital markets authority and building relationships with a variety of local international stakeholders.”

“In June this year, I had the opportunity to join Swinton Insurance in Manchester for a 12 week internship in the Business Strategy area. This was an unexpected change in industry, however the opportunity was there and I decided to take the challenge.”

“Swinton Insurance is a leading UK personal insurance broker, with a strong focus on motor and home insurance, and a multi-channel distribution model.”

“During the internship my main project was “Know your customer.” This project aimed to improve business strategy towards quick and significant changes in the insurance markets, especially around the customer experience which is increasingly digital. The main aim of the project was to know who the customers are and the characteristics of the goods they insure. The project identified which segments are performing with low conversion rates and provided a set of recommendations and next steps for the company.”

“After 10 weeks I feel grateful for what I have learned. I have great satisfaction in what I have achieved both professionally and personally, considering my background is not in insurance. I had mixed feelings about the transition of industries when I embarked on my internship, but I have realized that the key to switching industry is having a good set of transferable skills. For example, I applied my quantitative skills and my expertise in project management, data processing, analytics, and data visualization. This internship has made me more confident to think about the wider opportunities that exist beyond my original pre-MBA industry.”

”My colleagues at Swinton insurance were friendly, approachable and hard working. I loved how they were interested in my Spanish background and were keen to practice their Spanish skills with me. We did a Spanish ‘word or phrase of the day’ and in exchange, I learned about several new British accents.”

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