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Ethnography for business from Code-Switch Social Anthropologists

Code-Switch combines in-depth subject matter knowledge, robust research methods and expert analysis with best practice project management and engagement to break down barriers in research culture and language.

Ethnography is one of the many areas of academic expertise we can offer. By studying people’s practices, values and mindsets, ethnography build a greater understanding of behaviours resulting in targeted approaches to marketing, service design and improved workplace culture.

Code-Switch Academy

Our Academy aims to substantially boost the career prospects of PhD researchers by developing essential skills for academic leadership, collaborative working, transitioning from academia to industry, or code-switching between research and business at will.

How can businesses get involved?

Code-Switch is currently working with The University of Manchester to run a training and mentoring programme as part of the Collaboration Labs initiative. This initiative provides PhD and Early Career Researchers the opportunity to work as Associate Research Consultants solving real business challenges.

The programme has been designed as a knowledge exchange exercise between businesses and researchers who will mutually benefit from the sharing ideas, expertise and experience.

Researchers will develop expertise in research consultancy and knowledge exchange and transform research into practice by bringing their academic expertise to tackle live business challenges. Businesses will benefit from having an interdisciplinary team of trained researchers working as consultants for 140-280 hours on the challenge they set.

How to apply?

In order to apply to become a business partner on the programme, businesses are required to provide a project brief setting out a specific challenge they would like researchers to work on. Given the current circumstances, we would encourage businesses struggling with the impact of the coronavirus outbreak to think about the areas in which they would benefit from skilled researchers developing evidence-based options and recommendations.

Contact the Code-Switch Academy Team for further information at

Code-Switch founder, Hellen Parra Florez, Research Staff Developer, has been supported by the Masood Enterprise Centre to successfully secure a Flying Starter Award. Since then she has actively engaged in a number of our entrepreneurial support programmes and workshops designed around the lean start methodology. The support, mentoring, connections and networks, open to all across the campus, aims to help entrepreneurs navigate their own path to creating a start-up business.

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