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It has been six months already since my arrival in Manchester and I feel that time flies so fast, presumably because I love every moment I spent in here. In this blog post, I would like to share some of my highlights of things that I enjoyed most during this time, to give you some ideas of how your master’s life going to be if you decide to take the same pathway as me.

First, it feels so good to become a student again. I have been out from university for almost two years before deciding to pursue my master’s degree, and I would not lie, I missed the student lifestyle. Learning new things has been my life-long commitment, and doing my master’s at Alliance Manchester Business School, one of the top-rated universities in the world gives me a way to fulfil my passion. All the lecturers are not just the experts on their fields but also have real business experiences as well, which give them more credibility and ability in delivering applicable business lessons. On top of that, University of Manchester offers first class facilities that supports all student needs such as modern libraries with extensive books, journals and databases collections, massive learning spaces, supportive course administrative, online system and very cool student union, not to mention the new business school building that is exclusively available for business students only.

Secondly, I enjoy my part time work as well. Working as a barista in the weekends gives me the opportunity to channel my passion and making new friends while earning extra pocket money. I highly recommend students to have a part time job if they feel that they can handle it since it is actually pretty common to work part time while being a student in the UK. In addition, it may equip students with soft transferable skills that may be useful in their future career.

Lastly, Manchester offers a good lifestyle for students since it is known as a student city. Things are generally affordable, fun and lively. It is easy to make friends, maintain a healthy lifestyle and have some good night outs. Personally, I could not expect any better for my Master’s experience and this definitely is going to be an unforgettable part of my life.


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