The Christmas holiday break


It is now the Christmas holiday break, which means that Semester 1 has flew past in a blur. Many prospective students would probably wonder how a typical Manchester student’s day is like, so I thought I’d summarise and reflect on how the past semester has been.

My timetable as a MSc Organisational Psychology student requires me to attend lessons on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 10am to 5pm, with an hour break on each day. Therefore, the rest of the days of the week are flexible self-reading days and it is important to spend these days wisely as it can be tempting to stay at home and watch Netflix when there are no classes to attend. This is especially so during the beginning of the semester when everything is moving at a slower pace, but my advice is to start on the reading lists as things can get hectic really, really quickly.

That being said, the modules in the first semester are very much manageable so don’t forget to set some time aside to explore what the city, or the country, has to offer. After all, visiting new places are part of the experience studying abroad. If there is any time to travel, I would say do it in Semester 1! Places like London, Liverpool, or Lake District are popular amongst students for a day or weekend trip. A return trip to London would cost an average of 30 pounds and a return trip to Liverpool would cost less than 10 pounds if you book them in advance. Lake District is a highly recommended destination for a road trip so it would be great to drive up with friends and spend a night or two there.

Towards the end of the semester assignments and examinations can seem overwhelming and I am so thankful that I have really wonderful course mates alongside me to provide the support I need. Therefore, do try to socialise with classmates as much as possible throughout the semester because they are the ones who are going through the same things as you are and work will not seem as daunting when you have emotional and mental support from your companions.


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