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Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Vital Topics webinar: How large companies can see the future and rethink innovation

In the latest Vital Topics lecture we will explore how large companies can see the future and rethink innovation

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9 Feb 17:00 - 9 Feb 18:30
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As we look ahead, one thing is clear. The old style of innovation isn’t working.

With evolving technologies playing a vital role, and the pace of change not set to slow, now is the time for legacy organisations to be their own catalysts for change and to tap into the wealth of resources that will allow them to compete in the innovation game.

What has stopped companies unleashing their potential to innovate and quickly transform? How can legacy companies adopt the tactics and ideas of fast-growing start-ups?

Join Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer at Capita and AMBS alumnus, as he explores how legacy companies can create the right conditions for transforming themselves through innovation and shares key insights and case studies from his forthcoming book From Incremental to Exponential.

The discussion will be facilitated by Alliance MBS' Silvia Massini, Professor of Economic and Management of Innovation. 


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