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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

Unlocking Sustainable Growth: The Vital Role of (Accounting) Finance in Society

In this interactive session, you’ll find out more about the pivotal role of accounting and finance in shaping robust business strategies and in society. You will also gain a broader understanding of accounting and finance on our senior leader apprenticeship programme.

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24 Apr 14:00 - 24 Apr 14:45
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Are you looking to gain a deeper knowledge of accounting and finance, so that you are comfortable with understanding numbers and using finance calculations to persuade others?

Understanding accounting and finance is crucial for sustainable growth in an organisation as it facilitates effective resource allocation, enables strategic planning, and ensures practical risk management. By leveraging financial knowledge, businesses can make informed decisions, optimise performance, and adapt to changing market dynamics, fostering long-term viability and prosperity. Leaders can also position their organisation in the context of a wider world view and have confidence when they are presented with financial numbers.

In this webinar, we’re joined by Patricia Pearlman-Dee, Professor of Finance, and Jenni Rose, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, as they introduce the ‘Accounting and Finance for Leaders’ module on our funded senior leader development programme.

This session will feature:

  • The role of accounting and finance in shaping business strategies
  • Accounting and finance’s vital role in society
  • Live Q&A with our experts
  • Our funded senior leader apprenticeship programme