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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Trust and sovereignty: Blockchain workshop

Ismail Ertürk, Senior Lecturer in Banking at AMBS, will join contemporary artist Helen Knowles at a workshop on trust and blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies which has since been applied to other fields from music to legal contracts to healthcare.

Event Time
22 Mar 09:00 - 22 Mar 18:00
Event Location
Bright Building Manchester Science Park Lloyd Street North Manchester M15 6GZ
Event Type

Blockchain promises decentralisation of power in economic relations through the technological elimination of intermediaries and centralised gatekeepers.  But is this too good to be true?  Are we seeing a new form of digital power replacing the old analogue one?

Join FAULT LINES artist Helen Knowles and Ismail Ertürk of AMBS and a special meeting of theorists, academics, writers and artists who research the blockchain to discuss these questions and contribute to the research and development of Helen’s new project ‘Trickle Down – A New Vertical Sovereignty’.

Helen Knowles is a multimedia artist whose work stems from an interest in the new sovereign territories of the internet and how these grind upon the old ‘horizontal’ sovereign territories of land, sea, and mineral wealth.

The workshop is part of Manchester-based FutureEverything’s day-long series of events on 22 March 2018.  FutureEverything is established in 1995 and is a cultural facilitator at the intersection of art, design, science and digital.