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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Postponed - Researching the future of work and inequality in uncertain times: A postgraduate methods symposium

Unfortunately, this event has been postponed.

Event Time
31 Mar 09:00 - 31 Mar 17:30
Event Location
Alliance Manchester Business School, Booth Street West, Manchester, M15 6PB
Event Type

Unfortunately, this event has been postponed.

The Work and Equalities Institute and the British Sociological Association, will be hosting a postgraduate research symposium titled “Researching the future of work and equality in uncertain times” on 31st March (9 am – 5:30 pm), at the Alliance Manchester Business School (Manchester, UK). The concerns over austerity, Brexit, the decline of collective bargaining and the pace of technological change have fed into growing uncertainties about the future of work and the inequalities that may arise from such concerns. This symposium aims to encourage discussions between academics, policy makers and practitioners regarding these uncertainties. Whilst these issues are widely discussed in academic circles, there is little engagement between academics, policymakers and practitioners, which is necessary to address these uncertainties in their wider context. Across four panel sessions, this one-day symposium for postgraduate researchers will draw upon academics’, practitioners’ and policymakers’ expertise to help researchers understand the practicalities and everyday realities of these challenges and will explore ways to conduct impactful research in these areas.

Key Note Speaker: Professor Jill Rubery

(Director of the Work and Equalities Institute, Alliance Manchester Business School)

  • Panel session 1: The impact of austerity

In this session, Dr Mathew Johnson (AMBS), Professor Donna Hall CBE (Ex-CEO Wigan Council) and Cllr Graham Whitham (GMPA) will discuss the lingering impacts of austerity cuts on the north.

  • Panel session 2: Uncertainties caused by Brexit

Professor Carole Atkinson (MMU), policy maker (TBC) and Mark Cunningham (CEO Federation of Jewish Services) talk about the Brexit effects on the health and social care sectors, discussing issues of staffing and recruitment in an already overburdened and underfunded sector. 

  • Panel session 3: Pace of Technological Change 

Professor Debra Howcroft (AMBS), Tim Sharp (TUC) and Natalie Jameson (Heroworx) take a critical perspective to discuss the issues around rapid technological changes and its implications for uncertainties surrounding the future of work and equalities.

  • Panel session 4: The decline in collective bargaining

Dr Stephen Mustchin (AMBS), Martyn Moss (UCU) and John Wrathmell (GMCA)  will discuss the challenges facing those trying to negotiate to improve pay and employment conditions as well as the uncertainties facing academics (established and early career researchers alike) as a result of the restrictions placed on collective action and bargaining post-introduction of Trade Union Act, 2016.

Food and drinks (lunch, refreshments and a drinks reception) are included in the registration fee (£5 BSA members/£15 non-BSA members). Don’t forget to book your place!

We look forward to seeing you. Any questions or comments can be directed to the event organisers at (or