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Wednesday, 7 October 2020


A free to attend executive level learning and development conference for leaders from the UK Third Sector

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7 Oct 09:30 - 7 Oct 14:45
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Prometheus is a free to attend executive level learning and development conference for leaders from the UK 3rd Sector.

It is Alliance Manchester Business School’s annual programme exclusively designed for leaders from UK third sector organisations. Prometheus has grown out of Alliance MBS' ambition to bring together a diverse mix of leaders from UK third sector organisations and engage with all sectors of the economy.

The programme is wide ranging, from exploring the live and important current issues the third sector is facing to sharing insights into the latest business and management thinking. Prometheus provides opportunities to meet like-minded professionals, talk about challenges and share ideas, and giving participants time to reflect away from their normal environment.

Not immune to the impact of COVID19, for the first time this year the event will be held online. The focus of this year’s programme will be Third Sector Leadership: Digital transformation and recovery from COVID19.

In 2020 we have seen the emergence of the global pandemic commonly referred to as COVID19, a strain of coronavirus. This has radically changed the way organisations perform, putting greater emphasis on leaders to figure out a way to reorganise and survive.

Recent reports say 1 in 10 charities are likely to fold as a result of the pandemic. Equally, public sector finances are again in crisis on top of 10 years of austerity. During the decade of austerity the third sector played a key role delivering public services or campaigning on social injustices.

Looking forward, many local authorises and the national government are including the third sector in their recovery plans. In Greater Manchester, before COVID19, the Mayor and Local Authority Leaders were already dedicating policy time to the social enterprise sector and social innovation wrapped under the umbrella of an inclusive growth agenda. Furthermore, community wealth building has been cited within the agenda, whereby local anchor institutions procure and work more closely with local business including the third sector.

Hence this is a poignant time for Alliance MBS to engage with the third sector by bringing organisations together alongside academic research and policy makers, to share our novel research and connections.

The event will be comprised of four sessions:

Digital Leadership and Governance
Crispen Sachikonye, Alliance MBS

Income and Tendering: Future Proofing
Luke Postlethwaite, Alliance MBS, and Dr Paula Turner, Centre for Tendering

COVID Disruption: Innovating to Transform 
Professor Jonatan Pinkse, Alliance MBS, and Ruth Daniel, In Place of War

Looking forward: A Digitally Enhanced Transformation

These sessions will run throughout the day led by academics from Alliance MBS and industry experts, and will include time for discussion and networking.