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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Postponed - Panos Constantinides, Professor of Digital Innovation

Unfortunately, this event has been postponed.

Event Time
28 Apr 17:00 - 28 Apr 19:00
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Unfortunately, this event has been postponed.

Research on the development of intelligent systems has more recently gained traction as new machine learning techniques have successfully achieved human-level artificial intelligence (AI) for specific tasks. Despite this, however, the AI phenomenon is polarized between, on the one hand, criticisms of a dystopian society on the basis of a-contextual intelligence, and on the other hand, projections of a utopian future on the basis of highly intelligent predictions. In his lecture, Professor Constantinides engages in a phenomenon-based theorizing of the process by which the learning that takes place as intelligence evolves, generates performative effects that reconfigure the boundaries of human and non-human domains. He focuses on the case of automated cars and provide an analysis of how AI research and development has progressively broken through different levels of automation. He uses the standard produced by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International on 5 levels of vehicle automation as his point of reference and reviews historical research in vehicle automation, while citing both successful and failed attempts. Based on this analysis he derives a set of themes to mobilize a research agenda on intelligent systems.

The lectures provide an opportunity for new or recently promoted Professors to celebrate their achievements, and present an overview of their own contribution to their field of cutting-edge research and highlight the latest developments in a particular discipline.

The title of the lecture is: Intelligence as a Learning Performance: a Research Agenda on Intelligent Systems.  


5.00pm –Registration and refreshments

5.15pm- Welcome and introduction by Fiona Devine

5.20pm – Inaugural lecture

6.15pm – Q&A and discussion followed by drinks and canapés

7.00pm- Close