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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Original Thinking Webinar - How is FinTech Innovation shaping the Future of Finance?

This Original Thinking Webinar will be hosted by Alliance MBS' Markos Zachariadis who will discuss the impact of FinTech on the financial services landscape.

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2 Dec 16:30 - 2 Dec 17:30
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Our Original Thinking webinar series showcases some of the world-leading research from colleagues at Alliance MBS.

In the last decade we’ve experienced an influx of FinTech start-ups challenging traditional financial institutions and attempting to disrupt the market through new and innovative product propositions. This 'new' FinTech phenomenon brought about a wave of change in financial services which resulted in altered competitive dynamics and shifting industry architecture.

markos zachariadis

In this webinar, Markos Zachariadis, Professor of Financial Technology (Fintech) & Information Systems at Alliance MBS, will explore the role of technology and its impact on the financial services landscape based on a programme of research around FinTech and relevant regulation.

He will discuss how FinTech is changing market dynamics and what the new business models are that new entrants and incumbent firms are exploring following the technological, regulatory, and market transformation of the last few years. He will also point to current and emerging topics around financial technology and research plans going forward to set a FinTech research agenda