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Wind down

Exams are finally over for most students here at The University of Manchester and now the second semester is about to begin.

Studying is a full-time job and for many of us time is really precious, however, now more than ever, we have to find some hours to recharge, revive and spoil ourselves. I will try this month to convince you about the importance of taking care of yourself, pampering and nurturing your body. We may feel restless now and ready to take up any challenge, but this requires effort. Below you may find some ideas to spend some quality time and get in touch with the inner-you.

A pamper night routine

Even though the word routine does not sound appealing, small everyday rituals can make a huge difference in improving our lifestyle. Now, when I say lifestyle, I do not mean the well-known fancy way of living but rather our everyday life and the nice moments of it. Exams are one of the most stressful periods for us and pampering is well-needed after a long time of not even getting out of our pajamas. Pick a quite night, fill the tub with hot water and a nice, bubbly bath bomb, light some candles and enjoy a glass of good wine. Believe me after an hour you will feel like a brand new person and your body will feel calmer than ever.

Find 20 minutes to move your body

Working out may sound like a luxury with the current situation but it is essential to find a way that best works for you to move your body and exercise, even if it is just for 15 minutes daily. Some people find it more enjoyable to just go for a walk with a roommate or their lovely pets, some others prefer to tighten some abs, others find it fascinating to learn some new dance tricks. Either way, we all need to incorporate and make exercising in all ways part of our daily routine.

Earth & Water

Eating nutritious and healthy food is something we all promise to ourselves to start doing but procrastinate because every time we find a good reason to avoid it. You do it, I do it, we all do it. I understand how hard it is in times like this to not give in to delivery and sweet sins but bear in mind, that the choices we make now take on effect in years after. What I always like to do to start my uni days full of energy and a good mood is drink a cold bottle of water with a lot of lemon juice and go for a quick 10 minute run around my house. Believe me you will not regret it.

A healthy bowl of fresh fruit

Just remember you all, take good care of your body, so it will take good care of you.

A house in the UK with overcast skies and a rainbow