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Why you should be writing a dissertation

This blog is dedicated to incoming 3rd year students that are browsing through the module options, trying to get the best of their final year at university.

I am an ITMB Student and for my cohort dissertations are compulsory, but for most Alliance MBS courses, dissertations are optional.

After having been through this experience, I would like to highlight to you why I think writing a dissertation is good for you.

It challenges you to ask questions

When choosing your topic, it is important to be open-minded and observe. Trying to come up with a concept makes you ask questions and helps you to think outside the box.

You will become great at writing

A dissertation is a pretty long piece of writing. Such commitment will power up your writing skills and it will definitely help you in the future. Imagine writing that important email to your colleague in less than 5 minutes because you are a master when it comes to wording.

You will be great at finding answers and information

After finishing your dissertation you will find how great you have become when it comes to searching and summarizing information based on what you have searched for online. I know coursework is meant to bring the same skill, but trust me, searching a particular topic for almost a year will make you nail these researching skills

It powers up your LinkedIn

Final-year students are most likely looking for jobs. Having a dissertation based on the sector you are most likely hoping to get employed in, can be a great kick-off for the recruitment process and your findings might be very useful for the interviews. I think it is a great advantage.

You get more insights into a particular sector

If you are fascinated by an area, or you would like to get familiarised with a new sector, writing a dissertation is a good opportunity to discover more about an industry. Keep yourself curious and this can help you achieve a good thesis and it could also give you great insights into your favourite sector.

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