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Why I chose Alliance Manchester Business School for PG study

Deciding where to study can be overwhelming due to the endless choices that are out there so I thought I would share some of the reasons why I chose AMBS out of the other universities that I was considering, and I hope that it makes it easier for you to make a decision.


I chose AMBS for PG study for several reasons, including the content for my course. Whilst in my third year studying for my bachelor’s degree in International Business, I knew that I still wanted to further my knowledge specifically in Business Analysis. After much research of various universities and looking at the university websites stating what the course would involve, I felt that the content offered in MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management (BASM) at AMBS would enable me to deepen my understanding of the business world and help me to improve my skills especially because BASM combines both theory and practice through case studies and the BASM summer project. This, as well as AMBS being highly ranked for their business programs encouraged me to apply for this course.


AMBS is not just aesthetically pleasing, it has a wide range of facilities available for students too. It consists of numerous study zones, quiet areas, individual study rooms as well as places to take a break and relax. The Eddie Davies Library has floor-to-ceiling glass windows giving you a view of the busy Oxford Road, I love the fact that the library has a very open space and if you sit by the window, you have a view of what is happening outside which can be a little distracting but also really good if you are like me and do not like being in a confined space. At AMBS, you also have access to the Data Visualisation Observatory as well as the Behavioural Research Laboratory allowing you to carry out your research effectively.


Although the pandemic has not enabled many students to explore the university of Manchester’s beautiful campus, one is still able to feel the rich culture that the campus has from just looking at the layout of the university and as thing begin to open up again, I am hoping to explore the campus even further starting from the Manchester Museum which holds regular exhibitions, the Whitworth art gallery for its amazing art (a short walk from AMBS), the John Rylands Library which holds some of the rarest book collections and many other spaces around the university. The campus is also located at the centre of oxford road where ATM machines, grocery stores and other food outlets are widely available and easily accessible. The AMBS is surrounded by cafes and BrewDog (Restaurant) making it easier for you to take a break from studying and grab a coffee or a meal with friends.


I first visited Manchester in the summer of last year, just a few months before the start of the course and thought it was a beautiful city and I instantly knew that I wanted to study and live here. There are so many beautiful places to visit from galleries to museums and the many picturesque parks scattered around the city. I have had the pleasure of visiting the peak district which is about an hour trip from the train station. Being surrounded by a pretty environment is always a plus when studying in a new city and Manchester is no exception. You are bound to find your place in Manchester as it is a multi-cultural city with people from all over the world and I hope that you enjoy the city as much as I am.