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What I love so much about my programme (BSc Accounting!)

I have created a list about what I love about my BSc Accounting course.

The small size and great atmosphere

Our programme only consists about 40-50 students per cohort as compared to other e.g. BAE accounting and finance which have 250-300 students. This means we get to know everyone well and know them better! We also have a strong connection with each other and we have very active WhatsApp and skype groups.

The variety of modules offered

BSc Accounting is very focused on accounting solely, so a lot of our modules are fixed. Compared to other programmes e.g. management or accounting and finance which have tons of optional credits, we usually have 10-20 credits per year to choose. However, there are several course modules that are offered to us exclusively, e.g. auditing and taxation. This means we are the only programme in the whole university to be able to study this. It is a great experience to be able to have small-sized lectures where you get the most attention from your lecturers.

The employability

Students who work hard are greatly sought after by top firms. Lots of my seniors are either working in the banking industry, big4s or mid-tier accounting firms. Some of them also took exciting opportunities, such as working at start-ups and local firms. About 90% of our students are either employed/ studying within 6 months after graduation. Our programme director, Jenni is always working extremely hard to help us improve our employability. Jenni has managed to link up our programme with accounting bodies worldwide to provide us with exclusive benefits e.g. free USS scheme and CPA qualification recognition! We also have exclusive mentors from the same programme and ICAEW study skills incorporated into our syllabus. Furthermore, we often have exclusive employability events coordinated by our lecturers e.g. speed interviewing with firms and office tours.

Caring and dedicated lecturers

All students studying the programme have their own academic advisor. Besides meeting with Jenni and your academic advisors routinely during lectures and programme events, you can also meet with them via appointment when you need support. My academic advisor Wendy is great, she shared her experience with me in the accounting profession and gave me valuable advice for my job applications. Jenni also linked me up with career consultants for appointments and training sessions.

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