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What I love about my course

ITMB = IT and Business Management all in one! How awesome it is to study the best business practices while applying different technologies to a variety of sectors? As one of the students undertaking this course, I think I am the best to answer that.

I am not trying to sell the course; I will just share with you some of the most memorable things that I have noticed and experienced…

ITMB is the ONLY undergraduate course at Alliance MBS that has mandatory team projects on business cases from a wide variety of companies and industries. This might not sound so exciting but think about it. While you are studying, you are already interacting with people from the industry and they get a chance to see how you interact and how you are as a student. For most of us, this has been a great starting point to securing the job offers we received for our industrial placement or graduate roles.

The course coordinator organizes a showcase every year, where students present their hard work to more than 30 companies. For me, university never felt so much like real life. I got a chance to interact with employers, network and ask questions about their jobs. Also, having the opportunity to present in front of them represents was the best practice you can get before working for a company and delivering your findings in the workplace.

If all the above does not appeal to you, let me share some of the social aspects of this course. Usually the ITMB course is not very big (25 – 35 students). This allows us to get very close to each other and feel like we are a big team, going through our university journey as a group. We help each other, we are having fun and we are doing our best to get the best marks (ITMB-ers love to be competitive – in a constructive way). When it comes to teaching, having such a small group of students really makes a difference and it feels that any sort of clarification can be very easily reached. Did I mention that sometimes we take lunch together, and when we are feeling down, or need support we always go out for a coffee with our course coordinator that always can help find us a solution to any struggle?

Overall, to sum up to the ITMB Experience, I will quote one of my friends: We are a team! We are ITMB!

What I love about my course - Student life