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Wake Me Up When May Ends

I cannot believe how fast time flies when realising that my master's course finally came to an end. It has been an incredible journey and I really learned a lot within these 9 months.

I spent most of my days in May preparing for my exams in the Learning Commons or the new AMBS building. Although we had quite a long period of exams this semester (15 May-6 June), I was grateful that all of my 4 exams fell into only 2 weeks in the middle of the period, with 2 exams in a week, 2 days apart from each other. I was personally grateful for my schedule because while it may seem really stressful since I had a shorter time to prepare for the next exams, but at the same time, I started my exams pretty late and ended them earlier than most of my friends.

During those 2 weeks of exams, I tried to always have enough sleep, especially on the day before the exam. I chose to start my day earlier at 8 in the morning and finish it at 10-11 in the evening, allowing myself to have at least 6 hours of sleep. Since 3 out of 4 of this semester exams were morning exams, I would wake up earlier on the D-day and did a final revision. It was proven effective for me as I felt much fresher and enlightened when reviewing the lessons.

A week before taking the exams, I had a chance to visit Morocco with some friends. I knew it was quite a brave decision to go in the middle of revision, but since I had prepared the notes in advance, I did not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and have a short getaway from revision days. Unfortunately, there was a heatwave at the time we were there when the temperature could reach 43 degrees Celsius. It was a unique experience for us and we had never imagined that we would miss Manchester weather badly, but overall, it is worth visiting due to its enchanting architecture.

Now that I have completed all my units, I have so many things coming up as I do not have to attend classes anymore. I decided to give myself a week off before welcoming my last and final chapter of the course: writing my summer dissertation. Right after I finished my exams on the last day of May, I celebrated by having a BBQ party in the chaplaincy. We had a really good time with friends socialising with each other, playing board games, and singing all night long. I also took part in volunteering by helping local artists to prepare costumes and properties required for Manchester Day next month. With so many exciting things to do every day and longer daytime (the sun sets at 10 PM daily), I am sure that these final 3 months will be the best time of the year.

The night sky in Morocco