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Visiting an employment tribunal in Manchester

In this blog I thought that I would give updates about the course and in particular talk about my visit to the employment tribunal as part of the Employment Law module.

The Employment Law module is a very interesting module and one of our coursework assignments involves writing a report about an employment tribunal you attend in Manchester.

In the report we have to:

  • produce a summary of the key facts of the case
  • consider the legal issues raised in the case and addressed by the tribunal

and either complete:

  • critical evaluation of the outcome of the case (if you actually hear the decision)


  • speculation on and critical evaluation of the possible/likely outcome based on what we have been able to observe:

I will now tell you a little bit about my experience of attending an employment tribunal – as a student who has never studied law before it was an exciting prospect to be able to gain insight into some of the employment disputes that happen in society. In an employment tribunal an employee can take an employer to the tribunal for a range of disputes for example: unfair dismissal, racial discrimination and sexual harassment to name a few. The employment tribunal works by the employee (claimant) giving their account of what happened which will then be cross examined (by a representative of the organisation) and then a reexamination will take place. It is up to the panel to make a decision on the outcome of the case. The panel can consist of three people or can just consist of a judge depending on the complexity of the case.

I really enjoyed visiting the tribunal as it was able to give a practical element to the module. Rather than sitting in a classroom and learn about it, we were able to get hands on experience regarding some of the disputes that happen in employment.

I really think that if you want to study HR at this Business School then you will really enjoy this course.