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Types of student accommodation

In this blog, we will be looking at the types of accommodations available in the University and around it for students trying to find a stay for the course duration.

As big a city it is, Manchester offers many options for accommodation. From shared flats to en-suite rooms, studios to 1/2/3BHK apartments, the city has various options to choose from. The University of Manchester has over 20 halls spread over the city. A student can choose the duration of stay, typical durations being 4,16, 48 and 52 weeks. The university halls of residences generally offer 40-42 weeks let. The university residence halls are spread across City, Victoria Park, and Fallowfield. You can choose your type of stay to be self-catered or fully catered with a bathroom option – en-suite, standard room with shared facilities, or standard room with washbasin. George Kanyon Hall near the city campus is one of the famous halls of residence. You can check more about the University halls of residence and apply here.

Fallowfield and Victoria Park campus accommodations see many students from the University of Manchester. It is easy to network and bond with fellow students too. When you apply for the university halls of residence, the accommodation team try to pair you with people from your course or people with the exact needs/requirements. Plus, you get to meet a culturally diverse set of minds, which is a great thing. Most courses at AMBS nurture networking and communication, and your accommodation is a place where you will have a lot of group work and study sessions along with all the parties and entertainment nights!

I live in private student accommodation, a 20-min walk from the Alliance Manchester Business School. It is an en-suite room, and I share the kitchen with one more person. The grocery and essential stores are easily accessible. Any accommodation on the Oxford Road corridor would guarantee you a good transport availability with ease of access to various daily needs. For private accommodations, the rooms are standard rooms with shared bathrooms, en-suite rooms (private bathroom), or studio rooms (private kitchen and bathroom). The accommodation has a gym and study rooms with a huge social space available to book for events and celebrations. This is the case with most accommodations in Manchester. While there aren't many advantages of private accommodations over the university ones, apart from the university accommodations concentrated near the campus, choosing any would ensure a comfortable stay. You can also choose to stay in Apartments you are coming in a group or would want more flexibility with living.

It is advisable to book your accommodations once you have an offer letter or as soon as you decide to make sure you get your choice of room at an affordable price. Suppose your accommodation is near to the city centre. In that case, it is likely to cost you more with apparent benefits of ease of access around the place. Thus the rent of your accommodation will depend on the location and the facilities that the accommodation provides. For accommodations in Manchester, on average you would be looking at spending £140-£170 per week for standard and en-suite rooms with the studio rooms starting from £200 and can go more than £300 per week. 

With the facilities and the support the accommodations provide, you are sure to get more than just a room. Lots of fun and socialising on the way...

A typical student accommodation building from the outside

A typical room in student accommodation

The social area of student accommodation with a pool table in the foreground