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Top 5 Study and revision tools to get you through exam season

Happy New Year and happy 2021!

Seeing as we’re all thrown in and working at full-throttle during this new yet oddly familiar exam season, I thought to share some of the best study apps and revision tools I use to support me during this current exam season. These tools can be used to organise and study for both essays and exams.

1. Pomodoro Timer

I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing how much Pomodoro technique helps with organising study time and tasks, but this technique is no joke in improving your productivity. Apps such as Forest, have helped me categorise my tasks and properly dedicate effort to 25 minutes of work, knowing I can watch a Netflix show or snack for 5 minutes in-between.

2. Citation Tools

One resource I have begun to appreciate are citation websites to help properly categorise and reference any sources I use whenever I compile a bibliography. If using a website is too tedious the citing tools in GoogleScholar at the bottom of any articles you use will create a specialised reference for you to use.

A screenshot showing how you can find cited articles

3. Library Resources (MyManchester chrome extensions)

I never knew about simplifying library access for journals and resources whenever I’m off campus until my third year, where I learned about Library Access and Libkey Nomad, which both give you unfiltered access.

A screenshot showing how you can find cited articles  A screenshot showing how to download PDFs at the UoM library

4. Note-taking apps

Because I prefer taking online over written notes, I frequently like to switch between different apps depending on what I’m using.

o Notion can be used for any aspect of your life but I like classifying my notes and creating to-do lists to sync across all your devices and resources.
o My favourite apps for iPads to use are Notability and GoodNotes5 for whenever I physically write things down as I can creatively create designs, add images and stickers to anything I write.

5. SelfControl

My final recommendation is ‘distraction-free’ apps that can block websites, apps, and even mail servers for a specific period of time. Even if you uninstall the application or restart your computer, the app will restrict access until the timer is up! For someone who is easily distracted, I find this app to be so helpful to get through any revision.