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Tips for your essays

I remember someone telling me that think of writing an essay as if you’re cooking a dish where each ingredient brings out its own element and flavour in the dish. Similarly, when it comes to essays every paragraph you write has its own significance and contribution that brings out the best in your writing piece. Three words that you should always keep in your mind: short, crisp, and simple. The key is to narrow down your focus, follow these three rules and let your thoughts flow.

Now writing essays may seem like an ordeal but this mostly happens when you haven’t made a mind map or penned down your thoughts on how to tackle a certain topic. It is because of this that a lot of people fail to put their thoughts into words because they skip the preliminary step of thorough brainstorming. Hence, guys always brainstorm, think of different ideas, and be sure as to why you’re working on it rather than focusing on the how’s and what’s. You will never get an essay right at the first attempt unless you’re some genius or a slacker who does not bother thus, always write a first draft including whatever comes to your mind. It is only after this that you proofread your essays numerous times, to filter them out and to keep what is relevant. I would suggest running the essay through someone else (who you trust) just to get another point of view. After the drafts and proofreading is done, it is only then we focus on the technicalities or presenting the dish well. This includes the grammar, credibility, vocabulary, and coherence of the essay which are perhaps the most important elements that make an essay stand out.

A well-written essay makes use of correct grammar paying attention to the slightest of details complemented with a good and strong vocabulary. Each paragraph should be coherent which means, that they should connect well and carry an idea along the way rather than throwing in new ideas in each paragraph. Despite having to use strong vocabulary and phrases the essay should not be too complicated with any jargon or phrases that may change the entire context of the essay. Similarly, nobody likes to read long paragraphs, so make sure you divide them well and they are short and simple. A term which you guys may have heard and has the power to destroy your lives: Plagiarism. Never, I repeat never plagiarise and if you’re taking information from other resources, always cite them and paraphrase them because trust me, you don’t want to get in trouble.

When writing an essay, you must strike a balance between presenting a clear picture of existing knowledge and demonstrating that you understand it well enough to make an independent judgement.

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