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Tips for your studies, exams and well-being

As the end of the second semester approaches, I would like to share some study tips and how to deal with stress.

Before taking a class, I would advise you to read the reading list provided by professors. Doing those readings can help you grasp the main point of the class and get a whole picture of the class. Another benefit is to save more time before exams so that you can have more time to read additional materials. Besides reading lists, I would also suggest you do the preview and browse through the PPT, at the same time writing down questions, then you can find the answers in the class. This is called active study instead of being pushed.

Before exams, I would suggest you read the PPTs one or two times and make yourself familiar with the basic concept. When you have a general idea of what the class is about, it’s time to build up your own idea. Taking a theory as an example, after you know the theory, you can dig deeper such as the implication, the pros and cons or the application of it. Then you can search for more related papers or articles to support your ideas. If your courses are more related to calculation or computing, I would suggest you recite the formula first, then try to derive the formula which can help you have a better understanding of the formula. It’s really important that you don’t lose focus when you do the reading because reading too broadly can be superficial.

The exam period is very stressful especially when you are under time pressure. I have a few tips to deal with the stress. Firstly, eat well. You can indulge yourself by ordering takeout or buying some high-quality foods. You don’t need to push yourself to save money under exam pressure. Secondly, if you have found out that your inspiration has disappeared, don’t push yourself or continue to study. Just relax, you can take a nap or do some exercises or do something which makes you happy. If those won’t work and you still feel unbearable pressure, please talk to friends or family or call a mental helpline. Never feel embarrassed asking for help.

As for people sitting pre-university exams, I would suggest you can get nervous in daily life but relax in exams. Because in daily life, you should push yourself to study harder and prepare the best you can. But in exams, you need to tell yourself that you can do this, and even if you’ve failed, it’s not the end of the world.

At last, I wish the best to everyone and thank you for reading my blog! Hope you can do well in your future study and the University of Manchester welcomes you!