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Thoughts from Bocconi

Salve! With the month of April in full spring and deadlines approaching, it’s time to get focused but also reminisce on the previous months.

This blog will focus on Milan, the fashion and the professional outlook.

Bocconi surely does open one to a wealth of opportunities. Milan remains the hub of business for the south of Europe and remains the financial centre of Italy. Last week we got to present the start of our group project to Accenture Milan for my Green management class. Our project involves producing a full business plan, to consult the company Tencel on the production of a new innovative product or service for their company. Suit ready, shoes sparkling and a presentation in hand, the task was surely challenging but rewarding too.

Having an information and presentation session at Accenture Milan was great to receive corporate feedback on our project and advice into how to structure our slides in a consulting manner. Additionally, I am also undertaking projects for Piaggio group and the luxurious parka brand – Mr and Mrs Italy. It’s so exciting to be able to undertake group work and to be able to do it with a purpose. Our projects might actually be implemented later on as part of the company’s strategy and work.

Regarding the fashion in Milan, I got to attend and shoot pictures at the Max Mara and Moschino fashion week show. The rush and buzz of the city and paparazzi’s was truly an eye-catching experience. Finally, I got to attend a talk on building a fashion brand in the 21st century organised by my society the Luxury Bocconi Student Society (LLBS). Both Natasha Slater from the award-winning Fashion PR Agency Natasha Slater and fashion blogger Virginia Varinelli attended the lecture. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities, which both The University of Manchester and Bocconi University has provided to me in the last few months, and I’m eager to discover more.

I’m yet to discover the upcoming Design week at Milano. This year’s theme is sustainability, highlighting the importance of protecting the world around us. Each and every year more than a million visitors swarm the city, to discover all the beautiful installations spread around the city. I’ve been told that it’s the best experience when being an exchange student in Milan.

Next month it’s my birthday, but it’ll also be a month of deadlines and upcoming exams, so surely exciting and exhilarating.

Ciao for now,