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Things to do in Manchester – making the most of autumn

As I’ve returned to Manchester for my final year, I’d like to share my love for food and discovering places.

I know there’s been a lot of changes since COVID and its left us all confused and sad that we can’t enjoy the things we used to pre-pandemic— especially if you’re a first-year unable to experience the vibrant Mancunian culture, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting around (safely) and trying new things!

These are a few of my favourites:

1. A walk in the park - Platt Fields or Fletcher Moss

You might be disappointed about not being able to meet people you don’t live with, but you can in parks! Platt fields is near Curry Mile, but if you go further towards East Didsbury, you’ll find Fletcher Moss Park. I enjoy both places—Platt Fields for its convenient location and a hill to sit on, but if you want a change from the usual Fallowfield to the university route, Fletcher Moss gives Manchester a different city vibe and you might even spot the last flowers during autumn!

2. Escape to Freight Island

A long-forgotten freight depot located right next to The Warehouse Project and behind Piccadilly train station, Escape to Freight Island is a vibrant outdoor setting of street food, drinks and entertainment. It reminded me of a little London with Manchester’s “back- in-the-day” landscape—definitely, one to go for a Sunday afternoon chill by the beanbags!

3. Media City

Media City’s night lights by the riverside is definitely one of my favourite places in Manchester. It’s calm and peaceful, right next to the Alchemist and the Lowry which has a movie theatre and shopping available. With plenty of restaurants, outdoor sitting places, breathtaking bridges and the Imperial War Museum, it satisfies anything you fancy!

4. Deansgate

Deansgate is one of the prime districts of Manchester, popular for the clubs that used to be open at Deansgate Locks but there’s still lots to do in the area—visit the John Rylands library or play some mini golf at Junkyard Golf! You’ll see some new architecture at First street or a lot of the old at Spinningfields, I’d say just start walking and enter the first place that catches your eye, Deansgate never fails to surprise me.

There are lots more places that I haven’t mentioned, but hopefully, I was successful in familiarising you with Manchester—your next weekend could be at Northern Quarter, Gay Village or any of the above!